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• Preorder(s) Estimated Shipping (last updated 4/11)

✦ Jan - March Catchup

• The following titles are planned to be fully caught up by Jan-March.


- Deluxe Editions
  • The Darkness Outside Us - Hardcover singles begin shipping 3/11
  • Klune "Welcome Home" Set - Shipping began 3/18
  • If I See You Again Tomorrow - Shipping began 3/18
  • Gwen & Art are Not In Love - Shipping begins 3/22

- Edge Designs
  • Sword Catcher - Single orders begin shipping 3/4
  • Faebound - Single orders begin shipping 3/4
  • Song of the Last Kingdom Set - Single orders begin shipping 3/7
  • A Fragile Enchantment - Single orders begin shipping 3/7
  • Don't Want You Like a Best Friend - Shipping began 3/18
  • A Prayer for Vengeance - Shipping began 3/18
✦ March & April

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions

  • DECEMBER SUB (Godly Heathens)
  • JANUARY SUB (Most Ardently)
  • FEBRUARY SUB (The Absinthe Underground)

4/5 NOTICE: We have begun shipping out the Dec-Feb monthly subs. Some orders are being shipped in 3 book combos.

- Edge Designs
  • This Cursed Light - Solo orders began shipping 3/25
  • This Day Changes Everything - Solo orders began shipping 3/4
  • City of Stardust - Shipping began 3/25
  • Disciples of Chaos Set - Shipping began 3/19


- Deluxe Editions

  • Roots of Chaos Set
  • Emmett (+ RW&RB Combos) - Shipping began 4/9
  • The Scottish Boy
  • Legends & Lattes/ Bookshops & Bonedust
  • My Fair Brady - Shipping began 3/29
  • Captive Prince Set

- Edge Designs
  • All The Hidden Paths
✦ Black Friday Orders

All dust jacket only orders will be sent before the end of January.

Orders with dust jackets and regular books are being sent out in batches between Feb-Mar alongside our current catch up.

Please email us if you have questions regarding your order!

4/11 UPDATE: Gold Sun & Star orders began shipping 4/9


We are currently packing a large amount of orders in our shop. Our shipping provider can only pick up 10 batches of books a day from us at this time so orders are being prepared but taking a little longer to get picked up due to this current congestion. If you have a specific question regarding your order please contact us via our website form!

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