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• Preorder(s) Estimated Shipping (last updated 7/15)

✦ May & June

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions
  • APRIL SUB (Teenage Dirtbags) - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED

  • The Scottish Boy - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Legends & Lattes / Bookshops & Bonedust - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Captive Prince Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Janovsky Sets - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Lukens Set (3 Book) - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Roots of Chaos Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
- Edge Designs
  • The Hedgewitch of Foxhall - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Where the Dark Stands Still - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Off With Their Heads - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • The Phoenix Bride - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Destroy the Day - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED


- Deluxe Editions
  • Wicked Bargain Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Canto Contigo - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Ander & Santi Were Here - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED

- Edge Designs
  • Dear Wendy - Shipping began 6/28
  • Song of the Six Realms - ALL SOLO ORDERS SHIPPED
  • The Summer Queen - Shipping began 6/28
✦ July & August

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions
  • MAY SUB (Flyboy) - packing starts 7/15
  • JUNE SUB (The Ghost of Us)

➥ Both May & June's monthly sub are expected to ship towards the end of Early/Mid July as we had minor delays with both the dust jacket order and book orders from the publishers.

  • JULY SUB (Cursed Boys and Broken Hearts)

  • FT Lukens 4 Book Sets
  • FT Lukens Otherworldly Singles
  • The Charm Offensive
  • Icarus
  • Keepers of the Stones and Stars
- Edge Designs
  • True Love and other Impossible Odds
  • A Mark on My Soul
  • Another First Chance


- Deluxe Editions
  • AUGUST SUB (Practical Rules for Cursed Witches)

  • Wren Martin Ruins It All
  • All That's Left In The World Duology
  • The Only Light Left Burning
  • Icarus
  • Keepers of the Stones and Stars

✦ September & October

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions

  • Green Creek Series


We are currently packing a large amount of orders in our shop. Our shipping provider can only pick up 10 batches of books a day from us at this time so orders are being prepared but taking a little longer to get picked up due to this current congestion. If you have a specific question regarding your order please contact us via our website form!

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