Dazzling Bookish Monthly Subscription


Monthly Subscription:

This is our custom, queer book subscription service!

You will be starting with the May book "If Tomorrow Doesn't Come" By Jen St. Jude

What's special?

  • Custom Book Edges by @samvioletillustration
  • Alternate bonus cover by @samvioletillustration with foiling and spot gloss elements!
  • New Collectable Acrylic Charm: Inspired by "All That's Left in the World" designed by Libra Summers

Books will be shipped out in May at the earliest. We do not guarantee spoilers of what the custom book will look like before fulfillment. We do love a surprise! If you purchase this you will be enrolled into auto payments on a month-to-month basis starting with April 15th and every month on the 15th unless skipped or canceled. There will be no refunds offered for the subscription service for the initial order and a 24 hours grace period for renewals.  Feel free to skip or cancel through the customer portal at any time before your next renewal! 

Email us at info@dazzlingbookishshop.com if you have any questions!

Disclaimer Note: This edition includes the book's original dust jacket as per the standard sale of the book from any retailer. The written works contained in the novel belong to the author. Both elements (original cover and the contents of the book) have been unaltered by us in any way. Only the outer edges of the books pages have been aesthetically modified. Additionally a "bonus" dust jacket with custom fan created artwork is included in this sale. This bonus cover is free with the book's purchase and is not reflected in our customization pricing.

May graphic shown here was designed by Megan @writingrosereads

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Worth it!

Always worth the wait to get such unique covers for wonderful books.

Lucy Owoh

Dazzling Bookish Monthly Subscription

Pricy and lengthy wait.

The book is really pretty. I personally find this book box to be too pricy. When you take a look at the other book boxes out there and compare prices. I was a Canadian buyer and found that this box was just as expensive if not more expensive than most of the mainstream bookish boxes. These books also won’t have the same resale value as other said bookish boxes. This box also took nearly 3 months to get to me. That alone regardless of circumstances was probably one of the most frustrating things about this.

Dilayra Verbrugh

Took a while till it arrived but it was worth the wait! They’re now my prettiest books I own.
I got twin crowns, Youngblood and Ophelia after all. Will be ordering again!

Wonderful Subscription!

Dazzling Bookish Shop always produces fantastic quality and I was excited to sign up for their subscription book. Their first book came with such unique edges, a beautifully redesigned dust jacket, author letter & signed bookplate! Honestly it was such a great customization set and theyre a fantastic business to work with!