Scroll down to find info about SKIPPING and EARLY ACCESS

Our subscription does not currently operate via a waitlist. If you would like to sign up we open new slots on the 1st of every month and share the link via our Instagram stories. These slots are very limited so we recommend keeping an eye on our Instagram for the announcement post for the monthly book and our stories/website for the opportunity to subscribe ♥

Skipping & Early Access Questions

How do I use the subscription to gain early access to limited editions?

When you first subscribe, you will gain early access for the rest of the month!

When the next theme is annouced on the first, active subscribers will gain early access to all limited editions from the 1st until the 15th.

If I skip a month, will I still have early access?

You will have early access up until the 15th. Only new subscribers AND renewed Subs for that month will have early access for the remainder of the month. (15th onwards)

Skippers will get early access again on the first of the following month until renewals.

How do I skip a renewal?

At this time you will need to use our website's contact form to email us and request the skip.

You cant skip yourself through your account on our site.

I accidentally cancelled my sub, can you reinstate it?

Please use our website's contact form to reach out to us for help in the case of an accidental cancellation.