Shipping Updates

Please find the current updates for some of our more popular editions and subscriptions on this page!

• Information was last updated on 7/15/24 •

• Preorder(s) Estimated Shipping

✦ May & June

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions
  • APRIL SUB (Teenage Dirtbags) - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED

  • The Scottish Boy - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Legends & Lattes / Bookshops & Bonedust - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Captive Prince Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Janovsky Sets - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Lukens Set (3 Book) - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Roots of Chaos Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
- Edge Designs
  • The Hedgewitch of Foxhall - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Where the Dark Stands Still - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Off With Their Heads - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • The Phoenix Bride - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Destroy the Day - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED


- Deluxe Editions
  • Wicked Bargain Set - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Canto Contigo - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED
  • Ander & Santi Were Here - ALL ORDERS SHIPPED

- Edge Designs
  • Dear Wendy - Shipping began 6/28
  • Song of the Six Realms - ALL SOLO ORDERS SHIPPED
  • The Summer Queen - Shipping began 6/28
✦ July & August

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions
  • MAY SUB (Flyboy) - packing starts 7/15
  • JUNE SUB (The Ghost of Us)

➥ Both May & June's monthly sub are expected to ship towards the end of Early/Mid July as we had minor delays with both the dust jacket order and book orders from the publishers.

  • JULY SUB (Cursed Boys and Broken Hearts)

  • FT Lukens 4 Book Sets
  • FT Lukens Otherworldly Singles
  • The Charm Offensive
  • Icarus
  • Keepers of the Stones and Stars
- Edge Designs
  • True Love and other Impossible Odds
  • A Mark on My Soul
  • Another First Chance


- Deluxe Editions
  • AUGUST SUB (Practical Rules for Cursed Witches)

  • Wren Martin Ruins It All
  • All That's Left In The World Duology
  • The Only Light Left Burning
  • Icarus
  • Keepers of the Stones and Stars

✦ September & October

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).



- Deluxe Editions

  • Green Creek Series


We are currently packing a large amount of orders in our shop. Our shipping provider can only pick up 10 batches of books a day from us at this time so orders are being prepared but taking a little longer to get picked up due to this current congestion. If you have a specific question regarding your order please contact us via our website form!

• Other Shipping Information

✦ You don't see the book(s) you ordered on this page.

Please review the post on our Instagram for the select title for estimated shipping times if its not listed in the Monthly list above!

You can reach out to us at any time for further information or details about your orders estimated shipping and we'll be happy to help!

✦ Have you ordered more than one edition in the same order?

Shipping estimates vary based on the book(s) ordered. Multi-book orders will only be shipped once all books in the order are ready.

All of our books have an estimated shipping window on their product page during checkout but please feel free to contact us via our website contact form so that we can assist in looking in to your order.

✦ My tracking is sitting in New York/California?

USA Residents: Please note, our packages are shipped in batches from Canada. As such, a lot of them are routed in to the USA via New York or California. From time to time these batches may sit in these sorting facilities for a few days while they are sorted and shipped out to their respective states.

Unfortunately, we are unable to speed up this process or provide additional details at this stage. However, if your tracking has been sitting for more than 4 business days please reach out to us and we will do our best to look in to the delay! Thank you for understanding.

✦ This page says my book has shipped but I didn't receive tracking?

We are currently experiencing issues with the automated fulfillment emails for certain customers.

If the book(s) you ordered show they are shipped per the updates above or on your account, but you didn't get an email, please reach out to us via our websites contact form! We will gladly provide you with an update.

✦ My address has changed, can you update it?

If your address has changed and your order is unfulfilled please contact us via our website's contact form with your order number and new address and we will happily update that for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Updating the address on your profile on our website DOES NOT update the address on older orders. This has to be manually done by our customer service so PLEASE email us to update it!

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