Shipping Updates

Please find the current estimates for some of our more popular editions and deluxe editions on this page!

February Subscription

"Always the Almost"

Expected to Ship March

Aiden Thomas Sets

Both 3 pack AND 2 Pack: Expected to ship Mid-Late March


Expected to Ship late february

Captive Prince Set

Expected to ship Late March-Early April

A Ruinous Fate

Expected to ship Late March

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night

Expected to Ship Mid March

Sorcery of Thorns Set

Expected to ship Early-Mid March

Red, White, & Royal Blue

Expected to ship April/May

March Subscription

"The Witch and the Vampire" Expected to ship April.

We apologize for the late release on our subscriptions, we have a lot of editions to catch up on in March, we hope to get in a better scheduling soon! Thank you for your patience!

Other Shipping Information

You don't see the book(s) you ordered on this page.

Typically, for edge only designs the wait time until dispatch from our shop is 8 weeks. However, is possible it takes longer than this due to unforseen circumstances on one or multiple books in your order. Feel free to reach out if it's been more than 8 weeks for EDGE ONLY design. All deluxe editions are preorders and will have an estimate on the product page and moved here!

Have you ordered more than one edition in the same order?

Shipping estimates can vary depending on the specifics of your order, the best way to get an estimate if your order contains multiple items is to message us in the help centre (see "help" icon on bottom left of the screen) During business hours.