Shipping Updates

Please find the current updates for some of our more popular editions and subscriptions on this page!

• Information was last updated on 9/20/23 •

✦ Currently Delayed Titles

The following titles are slightly delayed due to supplier shortages on books/delayed book orders. Please email us if you have a specific question regarding these titles!

• Little Thieves/Painted Devils - This set was delayed due to a shortage of the discontinued LT hardcovers. We have begun fulfilling some orders 9/20 with the stock we've been able to get so far

• In Other Lands - We are pending additional books from our supplier as there is a shortage on this title (we expect to begin shipping these out end of Sep or early October)

• The Locked Tomb - Due to a supplier issue our order of books for the waitlist sales of this set was delayed. We will be receiving the books and attempting to fulfill these orders in October.

✦ Shipping Updates - Typed List (no photos)

For accessibility, here is a written text list of all the titles listed below and their expected shipping windows:


July & August Subs : All shipped as of 9/20

September Subs : Shipping begins early October

All For The Game (Books & Dust Jackets Only) : Fulfillment begins 9/21

In Other Lands : Fulfillment begins 9/29

The Sun & The Star : Fulfillment begins 9/29

• July Subscription •

"Stars, Hide Your Fires"

All July Sub books have been shipped as of 9/20

• August Subscription •

"Teach the Torches to Burn"

All August Sub books have been shipped as of 9/20

• September Subscription •

"The Spirit Bares It's Teeth"

Fulfillment begins early October

• Preorder(s) Estimated Shipping

✦ October

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).

- Deluxe Editions

• In Other Lands (starts end of Sep)

• The Sun & The Star (starts end of Sep)

• Winter's Orbit & Ocean's Echo

• All That's Left In The World

• The Locked Tomb

• Bonesmith

- Edge Designs

• Bring Me Your Midnight

• Immortal Longings

• Unexpecting

• Belladonna & Foxglove

• A Study In Drowning

• A Multitude of Dreams

• The Evolving Truth of Ever

• Mortal Follies

• The Grimoire of Grave Fates

✦ November/December

• The following titles are estimated to ship in the listed month(s).


- Deluxe Editions

• Cemetery Boys

• Hell Followed With Us

• Wolfsong & Ravensong

- Edge Designs

• The Spirit Bares Its Teeth

• Cleat Cute

• A Prayer for Vengeance

• Songs of Irie

✦ January/February


• Other Shipping Information

✦ You don't see the book(s) you ordered on this page.

Typically, for edge only designs the wait time until dispatch from our shop is up to 8 weeks. However, this is only an estimate and can vary from book to book depending on if there are any unforeseen delays/issues fulfilling. If it has been more than 8 weeks since your order date please reach out via our website contact form so that we can investigate your order.

All deluxe editions (edges + custom jacket) are preorders and will have an estimated shipping timeframe on the product page when ordering.

✦ Have you ordered more than one edition in the same order?

Shipping estimates vary based on the book(s) ordered. Multi-book orders will only be shipped once all books in the order are ready.

All of our books have an estimated shipping window on their product page during checkout but please feel free to contact us via our website contact form so that we can assist in looking in to your order.

✦ My tracking is sitting in New York/California?

USA Residents: Please note, our packages are shipped in batches from Canada. As such, a lot of them are routed in to the USA via New York or California. From time to time these batches may sit in these sorting facilities for a few days while they are sorted and shipped out to their respective states.

Unfortunately, we are unable to speed up this process or provide additional details at this stage. However, if your tracking has been sitting for more than 4 business days please reach out to us and we will do our best to look in to the delay! Thank you for understanding.

✦ This page says my book has shipped but I didn't receive tracking?

We are currently experiencing issues with the automated fulfillment emails for certain customers.

If the book(s) you ordered show they are shipped per the updates above or on your account, but you didn't get an email, please reach out to us via our websites contact form! We will gladly provide you with an update.